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Ziv Shilon

Great People are Dealing with Great Things

Ziv Shilon

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The Inspiring Journey of Captain Ziv Shilon

In his last hours of service as a company commander in a combat unit of the Israeli Defense Forces, Captain Ziv Shilon was severely wounded during an operational mission on the Gaza Strip.

On October 2012 Ziv arrived to the Gaza gate to open it and allow IDF forces to return to Israeli ground.  As he opened the gate a massive explosion occurred – a bomb planted by terrorists was triggered. Severely injured, Ziv realized he lost both of his hands yet continued to operate and directed his soldiers to safely complete the mission and evacuate him from the scene.

When he woke up at the hospital two weeks after the incident, he came to the realization that his life was forever changed.
In the course of two years Ziv had undergone over 17 surgeries and intensive rehabilitation – the story of his injury and recovery is a heroic and remarkable tale of the strength of the spirit and the ability to overcome challenges. Due to his immense motivation and power of will he succeeded to rise above physical hurdles including those he himself thought were impossible.

Ziv completed 5 Marathons and has been one of few in the world with disabilities like his that completed the Iron Man competition. Each day he demonstrates that the inner powers within us can overcome great obstacles.

Ziv is a fascinating, eloquent and impressive speaker and he is one of the most sought after young lecturers in Israel.

“The Inspiring Journey of Capt. Ziv Shilon” is a unique lecture on the special road to recovery that uplifts the audience.

" I truly believe that giving is a great gift and I choose to make the most of that gift every single day "

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